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Great Freelancers with 0% commission. LanceChain ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/03/18 – 30/06/18

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web site LanceChain
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About LanceChain ICO (token sale)

About LanceChain

LanceChain is the decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem. We revolutionize the current way freelancing works by removing the middlemen between the freelancer and the customer. With 0% commission, additional security on every project and careful talent management, we are a one stop shop for everyone who needs or offers freelance based work. Our mission is to bring the freelancer closer to the customer and vice versa, while removing all unnecessary obstacles and ensuring proper talent allocation. We believe in the ingenuity, professionalism and talent of the freelancing world and want to bring those qualities to the next level!

We will not take away 15-25% of your earnings in fees. LanceChain operates commission-lesspolicy for project work.

By leveraging the Ethereum smart contract escrow system we will guarantee freelancers` payments.

Unbiased and independent subject matter experts will have the final say in case of dispute. The SMEs will be community members elected by LANC token holders. To incentivise the active involvement of token holders & SMEs we will fairly split the dispute fees so both parties can make additional money.

No central authority to bias reviews, ratings, achievements, earnings, spendings, profile visibility etc. We will not suspend your account in case of inactivity or in case you decided to work outside of our platform.

Lanc token holders can earn real income by participating in our talent recognition program. In the process of dispute resolution both the experts and the election body of LANC token holders will generate incomes.

We will offer premium features for free to freelancers and business owners who deal with blockchain related project through LanceChain.

We allow LANC token holders to earn by taking part in assessing the freelancers (of course supported by our experts). Experienced team of HRs & SMEs will be able to help throughout the whole process of finding & hiring proven top talent. Careful filtering based on the project criteria, language tests, expert interviews, soft and technical skills assessment, certifications and diploma validity, identity verification are part of the actions that will be carried out on behalf of the project owner. Significant part of the incomes will be distributed to the community members taking active part in the talent assessment.

We have allocated 10% of our total LANC token supply for the first users of the LanceChain platform. Not only do we take 0% commission, but we pay you to be a part of us! Our early adopters program will be active until all 10% of the total LANC tokens supply are successfully transferred to our first users.

Our utility token is called LanceChain (LANC). Here are the top benefits for token holders.

  • Token-holders Earnings – the LANC token holders can earn additional income by taking part in our talent recognition and vetting program or by helping the community elect experts for fair dispute resolution.
  • Free premium features – as a LanceChain token holder you’ll have access to the platform premium features. Our premium model will work entirely based on your token contribution – the more you have, the better features you get.
  • Ability to beta-test early version of the platform.