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The Revolutionary Worldwide Blockchain Bank. ABLE ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 27/03/18 – 17/04/18
Ended ICO : 27/06/18 – 10/07/18

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web site ABLE
web site ABLE
web site ABLE
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web site ABLE

About ABLE ICO (token sale)

About ABLE

ABLE Project ?

– Solves the problem of current banking services with spread margin and centralized cryptocurrency financial services

– Develops a matching system that connects depositors and borrowers to provide reliable banking solutions and investment platform on ABLE DEX.

Able Project Features

– Allows both depositors and borrowers to make a deal on the proposed interest rate without an intermediary.

– Prevents the administrator’s moral hazard and server hacking by keeping the user’s investment in the decentralized system

Roadmap for the ABLE Project

– ABLE ecosystem grows as more financial products like mutual funds are added on ABLE DEX.

– Ultimate goal is to build a decentralized banking-based financial platform.

ABLE Project Team

– ABLE team has specialty on various financial sectors including National Tax Service, and National Pension Service.

– Specialists in finance, IT, marketing share the greatest vision to create the perfect banking experience.

– Advisors from law, finance, investment participate to serve a high-level of financial service in secured way.