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Revolutionise Gaming with Blockchain. Matchroom ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/03/18 – 15/05/18

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About Matchroom ICO (token sale)

About Matchroom

Leet Entertainment’s Matchroom platform (hereby known as Matchroom) is an integrated digital platform designed from the ground up to serve the unique demands of modern gaming communities with the aid of blockchain technology. Supported by a strong team of industry veterans, Matchroom intends to first establish itself a solid foundation as the preeminent digital destination for gamers across South-East Asia (SEA) before encroaching on the global market space.

Matchroom envisions itself as a for-the-community-by-the-community entity, labouring to facilitate and stimulate activities across all stakeholders but especially those at the grassroots level, of the gaming industry through the various platform features specifically devised to do so:

鈼�  Facilitating Communities & Consumers ; social media, coordination & communication, original content, news & updates.
鈼�  Facilitating Content Creation ; unique monetization opportunities, optimal publishing space.
鈼�  Facilitating Industry Operators ; alternate funding source, targeted marketing opportunities.

Leveraging on the rising prominence of blockchain as the reliability of its security features is increasingly showcased and proven on the fields, Matchroom was designed with a majority of its features provisory to the diverse advantages blockchain can offer. Matchroom will be administering blockchain in the resolution of various issues that might otherwise render the platform operationally unfeasible in order to secure the position it is poised to take within the industry.

鈼�  Facilitate Day-to-Day Gaming Activities
鈼�  Resolve Modern Gaming Dilemmas
鈼�  Support Independent Developers & Organizers
鈼�  Enhance Industry Growth

Leet Entertainment Group Limited (hereby known as Leet Entertainment), the developer of Matchroom intends to raise USD10 million via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Matchroom Tokens (hereby known as MR Tokens or MRT). The funds will be utilised to fully develop the Matchroom platform’s key capabilities and features and to grow its user base. MRT offers unique utility function to its subscribers on the Matchroom platform as outlined in this white paper.