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PRE ICO Dates : 19/03/18 – 01/04/18
Ended ICO : 02/04/18 – 30/04/18

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web site Quant Network
web site Quant Network
web site Quant Network
web site Quant Network
web site Quant Network
web site Quant Network

About Quant Network ICO (token sale)

About Quant Network

London and Zug-based – Quant Network –  have unveiled their highly anticipated Business Paper that outlines their plan for developing their cutting-edge blockchain operating system that will address major limitations of single-ledger technology including lack of system interoperability and the problem of decentralised applications being single-ledger dependent.

Not since the Internet itself has a technology shown such promise and elicited such excitement than blockchain technology. While the potential of blockchain technology might seem endless – there are certain limitations that Overledger will address.

“We believe that the key to unlocking the true potential of blockchain technology and facilitating the mass-adoption of blockchain technology, is enabling applications to function across multiple blockchains whilst not be limited to any single vendor or technology,” explained Gilbert Verdian, Quant Network CEO and founder of the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307.

Since the Quant Network founders first shared their vision in November 2017 following their patent filing, they have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm by developers and investors alike, who recognise the sophisticated approach that the team are taking to bring their vision life and also in recognition of the expertise of the founders. Their complementary expertise and in-depth knowledge of this space is unparalleled.

· CEO – Gilbert Verdian has been working in Cybersecurity for 20 years at CIO/CTO/CISO level in Financial Services, Governments, Consulting and Industry. He’s also the founder of the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 where 40 countries are working together to develop the Standard.

· Chief Strategist – Dr. Paolo Tasca heads up the world’s largest blockchain centre, The Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London and is a Digital Economist with an economics background in central banks.

· CTO – Colin Paterson is a technology innovator with a 20 year background in Information and Cybersecurity.