ICO listing: DomusCoins ICO

ICO DomusCoins


Ended ICO : 31/01/18 – 30/04/18

The Guaranteed Cryptocurrency at emission

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About DomusCoins

Real Value
DomusCoins combines real guarantees with the benefits of cryptocurrencies.
Behind DomusCoins there are properties in the most prestigious cities in the world, which you can see, touch and even stay in.
Real People
We are among the very few who use ICO to create a guaranteed project that produces wealth for everyone.
The company is registered in London and has an office in Dubai. You can check it on the British government website and you can meet our team in Dubai and the events we are organizing in different cities around the world.
You can also contact us and get all the answers you need.
We accept bank transfers
Participating in DomusCoins is simple: being a company, it has a regular bank account. This account is “dedicated” and can only be used to increase the assets placed as collateral for emissions and the related expenses.
Then you can access the benefits of DomusCoins by making a classic bank transfer. This sets us apart from all other ICOs for transparency and warranty.
Through the site, you can also use other cryptocurrencies to purchase DomusCoins.