ICO listing: Nousplatform ICO

ICO Nousplatform


Ended ICO : 01/03/18 – 17/04/18

Decentralized Platform for Investors.

About Nousplatform

Advantages for the fund managers

  • Funds management based on blockchain
  • ICOs for closed-end funds (ETF)
  • Tokenized assets ownership confirmation
  • Real-Time snapshots of portfolio balances
  • NOUS token is a stable blockchain asset to issue or redeem fund assets
  • Reserve of nous tokens to increase open-ended fund liquidity
  • Built-in Nousplatform investor&rrsquo;s community can participate in any fund built on Nousplatform

Advantages for the investors

  • Invest in the best performing funds based on nousplatform
  • Limit your risks, by choosing top funds with different portfolios
  • Use blockchain-confirmed reports to analyze investment funds’ performance
  • Trade ETFs on decentralized nous exchange