Blockchain-Based Ecommerce Platform


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Ended ICO : 25/03/18 – 27/04/18

Business: 12/20
Product: 1/5
WP: 7/10
Roadmap: 6/10
Legal: 1/5
Team: 15/20
ICO terms: 4/5
Token applying: 3/5
Promotion: 12/20
web site KEYRPTO
web site KEYRPTO
web site KEYRPTO
web site KEYRPTO
web site KEYRPTO
web site KEYRPTO


KEYRPTO started with a simple idea, why can’t we create a block chainbased e-commerce platform which allows small business or individual to sell their products & services against any major cryptocurrency.

KEYRPTO creates a medium between seller & buyer to exchange products using cryptocurrency whilst minimizing the risk being scammed or defrauded by providing full payment protection and by delivering the product/service as a 3rd party mediator.

As a seller (Either a merchant or an individual) using KEYRPTO, you will have an online store where you showcase your brand, connect with your potential customers, and ultimately sell your product or service using a major cryptocurrencies.

As a buyer using KEYRPTO, you will be able to browse listed products/services and initiate a transaction from a sellers shop front. We will receive the payment within our platform and hold it in escrow until we ensure you receive what you paid for, and that you are satisfied with it. After this has occurred we will then release payment to the seller.