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An ecosystem where ProTraders gain a unique trading toolset and investors achieve investment results equal to those of the best ProTraders. Tradelize ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/05/18 – 28/05/18
Ended ICO : 29/05/18 – 30/06/18

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web site Tradelize
web site Tradelize
web site Tradelize
web site Tradelize
web site Tradelize

About Tradelize ICO (token sale)

Tradelize ICO (TDZ token) is a global cryptocurrency ecosystem and a suite of services that allows token holders to trade their crypto assets with confidence and make smarter investments through harnessing the wisdom of the smart crowd.

Our goal is to lower the barriers to entry into crypto investment markets by providing tools that make crypto trading opportunities accessible to mainstream users.

We created a set of tools suitable for pro traders coming from mainstream financial markets. We gave regular users the ability to copy successful strategies used by professional traders, and utilized blockchain to verify performance of these highly skilled individuals. All this combined will become a TRADELIZE community.

Tradelize ecosystem at a glance

We want to see the crypto economy going mainstream and the Tradelize community  flourishing.

Our business model is to use the funds received during the Token Sale to engage the most successful traders. This is why 80% of all funds received during our Token Sale will be distributed among the ecosystem’s 300 best traders who will manage these funds in order to create the best successful strategies for users. This will create a core of the best crypto ProTraders, whose expertise will be available to be followed by hundreds of thousands of future platform users.

How will we determine the best ProTraders? This is where our Tradelize.score tool comes in handy. During the token sale every trader will be able to start building his or her statistics cryptocurrency exchanges Direct Market Access in Tradelize.score, whether they use Tradelize.terminal or not. In the latter case they can connect their accounts at crypto exchanges to the Tradelize.score through API.

Over the first two months of Tradelize.score operations, trading statistics will be gathered and most successful traders will be chosen based on predefined criteria to enter the top ranks of Tradelize.Score.

All trades will be recorded on the blockchain, which will ensure their safety, security and protection from manipulation. The system will use this data to range the traders based on a number of factors and will compile their profiles and scores. The funds will be distributed to them for their management – in fact, it will be exchanged for their expertise, which will be used by the future users via the Tradelize.web tool.

But the opportunity to get the funds to manage will not be the only factor that will attract ProTraders to Tradelize ICO ecosystem. Tradelize.terminal is the  first revolutionary DMA (Direct Market Access) solution with easy and accessible interface for trading on major global cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling users to analyze liquidity depth on a single exchange or on all of them at the same time. Smart order routing, powerful matching engine, arbitrage  finder and many other mature capital markets features will be there to push users’ trading performance to an unprecedented level.

Our team members have over 10 years of experience working in mature capital markets and we know exactly what kind of tools are needed for the traders to fully demonstrate their skills and expertise. This is why our trade terminal has been handcrafted by traders for traders, with love and understanding.