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Tip connects users over P2P networks,and merchants with payment solutions.. Tip ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 13/07/18 – 20/07/18
Ended ICO : 20/07/18 – 17/08/18

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931 918
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Rank in IN – 218016, Rank in ID – 97567, Rank in BD – 144948, Rank in US – 487675, Rank in NG – 49827, Rank in UA – 159292

About Tip ICO (token sale)

Tip ICO – Powered by Search and Discovery on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency users today have to deal with hashed addresses, QR codes and other contraptions. This creates friction and makes cryptocurrencies seem foreign to the average user.

With Tip Blockchain, users and businesses can register usernames which can then be searched and discovered by other users. They will then be able to transact in a fast, easy and user-friendly ways.

Tip Blockchain enables ease of use by discovery on the blockchain!

The TIP token, is the unit of account on the Tip network. It is the native currency on the network, thus is used to pay for transactions, storage and other services on the network. TIP is a utility token that the users will be able to use it to:

Transfer between peer to peer.

  • Use it to buy things in the real world with merchants who accept TIP.
  • To store data on the Tip decentralized database.
  • To pay for transaction fees on the network.
  • Reward developers for creating apps that run on the Tip Network.
  • To vote for delegates to secure the network.
  • For delegates to stake their coins and earn staking rewards for securing the network.

The Tip platform provides an ecosystem that will allow users to purchase both digital goods and services on the platform, and also tangible goods in the real world from merchants that accept Tip token.