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PRE ICO Dates : 23/04/18 – 23/05/18
Active ICO : 23/06/18 – 23/07/18

Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network

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Afeli ICO is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network. Afeli erases the boundaries between reality and virtual space, opening new opportunities for business and ordinary consumers.

Afeli completely changes the familiar processes in trade, communication and entertainment with the help of 3D technologies. What does it look like?

For example, a girl wants to choose and buy a dress online. It is enough for her to upload her physical parameters (height, weight, hips, etc.) to the Afeli platform, as well as a photo taken on a mobile phone or webcam. Thereafter, it is created a virtual avatar on the platform, and the user gets the opportunity to try on any clothes from the Afeli partner stores.

From this moment, the girl can estimate how the particular clothes will go with her. At any time, she can get advice from a seller who is in the store at that moment. In addition, there is always the opportunity to learn the opinion of her friends about a new dress, sending them a 3D model in the Afeli internal social network.

For stores, this service increases the likelihood of re-purchase, because a consumer may want to fit other clothes as well after the dress on a pretty avatar.

All the same applies to millions of other goods, services and entertainment. The users obtain a number of options:

  • Book a room in a particular hotel. You don’t need to trust pictures and descriptions anymore. You can personally see how the room looks in the real life, walk on it, look into the bathroom and go out on the balcony.
  • You can also play in a real casino, rather than a virtual one, talk to the dealer and even leave him some tips from the win.
  • You can independently create any design in your apartment. Then you can immediately place an order for the selected furniture, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, etc. on the platform.