Cryptfunder ICO

ICO Cryptfunder


Active ICO : 25/05/18 – 08/07/18

Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for the cryptocurrency community

Cryptfunder ICO – decentralized funding source for the cryptocurrency community, startup ICOs and other blockchain companies. Cryptfunder will filter out the best fintech candidates deploying expert analysts to identify the projects with the greatest potential. These disruptive startups will be chosen based on their potential market value, quality of their team and the real world application of their technology.


In return for startup funding in the form of cryptocurrency, Crypfuunder will negotiate to receive pre-ICO tokens or as negotiated proceeds from their initial launch of their ICO from multiple startup ICOs per month, increasing our token holdings to large levels and potentially holding onto lucrative investment gains on these tokens and multiplying these gains into further investments and fundings.

Receipt of Tokens

In a climate where exponential growth can occur overnight, early “ground floor” investment opportunities are invaluable. Part of the value of our project lies in providing those opportunities exclusively, privately, and at a discount rate before public access is available.

Consider the potential of receiving highly discounted, pre-ICO tokens of some of the most disruptive, best oriented and forward thinking ICO startups into the future on an ongoing basis – this is exactly the opportunity Crypfunder will exist to create, and it is our belief that funding great projects will benefit the whole crypto-community and market in the process.

Our mission is to negotiate large amounts of discounted tokens in exchange for funding in the form of cryptocurrency directly to the startup ICO. We can also receive negotiated proceeds from their initial launch of their ICO alternatively via smart contract to automate the receipt of tokens and to protect both parties. We will establish a diverse portfolio of the highest-potential tokens the market has to offer, with a lower investment cost then other buyers.

We plan to hold the majority of tokens into and beyond maturity, maximizing the investment yield for Crypfuunder and its’ token holders.

This is our core strategy concerning the accumulation of wealth within our Crypfunder token (CFND) and representing an extreme investment portfolio that can increase in value considerably in relation to the underlying tokens held by Crypfunder.