noiz ico


PRE ICO Dates : 25/04/18 – 15/06/18
Upcoming ICO : 15/06/18 – 15/08/18

Decentralized Cognitive Ad Network

NOIZ ICO is a blockchain-based ad exchange and cognitive ad platform that:

  • verifies true customers and customer data
  • increases customer engagement, leading to higher ROI
  • enables customers to control their personal information
  • gives advertisers and publishers direct access to their customers
  • provides security to all customers involved, and
  • supports social responsibility projects

NOIZ is an AI-enabled, decentralized cognitive advertising exchange network using blockchain to secure and authenticate customer data.

NOIZ ads, NIKOLA, combine one form of AI, which identifies and filters out spambot activities, with an AI cognitive bot that creates dialogue boxes for customers to converse with.

Customers are incentivized to interact with the cognitive ads through a token reward system. Each piece of information, or intent, they provide to the cognitive ad will earn the customers tokens. This, in conjunction with the AI and blockchain technology, is what creates superior engagement and ROI.

NOIZ allows advertisers and publishers to accurately and honestly collect customer data while providing customers the opportunity to determine which personal information they share with advertisers and publishers.

Through the NOIZ platform, advertisers, publishers, and customers can all easily donate NOIZ tokens to social impact projects, providing these projects with validated data to report back to their communities and governing bodies.

Token terms

There will be a total of 300 million NOIZ tokens issued. They will be distributed amongst purchases, market participants and the NOIZ founding team.
In the private sale, a total of 30,000,000 (10%) tokens will be distributed to the early adopters, who will receive a 50% discount on the token price. For such individuals, the minimum subscription amount is 50,000 USD and the maximum subscription amount is 1,000,000 USD.

75,000,000 (25%) tokens will be available to registered individuals during the NOIZ token pre-sale, and another 75,000,000 (25%) tokens will be distributed during the ICO.

6,000,000 (2%) of NOIZ will be airdropped to early adopters and community members. 24,000,000 NOIZ (8%) is set aside for the Advisors and 30,000,000 (10%) NOIZ is reserved for charitable foundations participating in the platform. 60,000,000 NOIZ (20%) will be distributed among the Founding Team members.