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A payment a lifestyle platform for a cashless society. Coinpayo ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 25/04/18 – 04/07/18

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About Coinpayo ICO (token sale)

CoinPayo ICO will be a payments platform for the common man with option to make payments via both cryptocurrency and fiat

Where does the need come from? Most of us currently use cryptocurrency as an investment or as a store of value. However, the main idea behind cryptocurrency was a global digital exchange medium which could be used to transact easily as low cost.

Currently the reason why crypto-currency in not used in day today life is because of

  1. Lack of acceptability by vendors/ merchants
  2. Multiple stages involved in conversion and transfer
  3. Lack of stability in prices All these disadvantages will be taken care of by CoinPayo.

CoinPayo will have the following features:

a) Tie up with vendors / merchants across the country CoinPayo is establishing tie-ups with 10,000+ merchants to accept payments via the CoinPayo wallet. CoinPayo understands that most merchants may not be comfortable accepting crypto currency as the payment medium.

Therefore CoinPayo provides merchant an option to accept payments in both fiat and crypto. CoinPayo charges a nominal premium from the merchants for transferring these payments.

b) Real time conversion from Crypto currencies to Fiat Currently the majority of the crypto apps in the market allow conversion only from Bitcoin to Fiat currencies. With this process, crypto currency holders who want to pay using crypto currencies, have to go through a 3 step process. These steps imply that users have to bear different transactions costs and long processes to get their money out of their wallets. With CoinPayo we want to create a smoother process allowing users to make real time transactions with a single transaction and single fee. CoinPayo simplifies crypto use for every day purchases.