Gixely Coin ICO

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ICO Gixely Coin

Gixely Coin

Active ICO : 16/04/18 – 31/07/18

The platform where members participate in different types of lottery

Gixely Coin ICO is an encrypted decentralized digital currency traded and transferred between various members of the exclusive Gixely Coin community this is confirmed in a public ledge. Operating under the blockchain database, Gixely Coin employs the highly secure peer to peer network.

Gixely Coin will give their members the chance to generate wealth through swift and easy deployment of digital financial asset. Members redirect and speed up the height of their financial asset by participating in the Gixely Coin lottery and through Mining, Staking and Trading. Through limited supply of coins our GXL investors can be assured of an increment in value as increased demand will lead to rise in value for Gixely Coin and thus benefitting the whole EXCLUSIVE Gixely Coin community.


GIXELYCOIN is the only cryptocurrency used in the GixelyCoin platform where members participate in different types of lottery that is, Gixely Knight, Gixely Rook and Gixely Queen, We also give members the opportunity to Trade, Mine, and Stake GixelyCoins to increase their portfolio and make extra profits.