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XGE Project

Ended ICO : 01/04/18 – 15/05/18

Join Telegram’s ICO through XGE

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Acquire XGE tokens now and exchange them to GRAMs after TON is launched

The XGE project is an initiative of Digital Asset Management, an Estonian-based company focused on building blockchain powered startups as well as fintech products. XGE stands for “Exchangeable GRAM Equivalent.” As their name suggests, these tokens can be exchanged for the future Telegram cryptocurrency, GRAM, at a 1:1 ratio. XGE tokens are issued on the Ethereum platform, in accordance with the current ERC-20 standard, and can be managed through an official Ethereum client.

The tokens are not traded on any of the existing cryptoexchanges and are only available for purchase on the project’s official website at https://xgetoken.com/en. The minimum purchase amount is only 100 tokens, which is very cost-conscious. The company also offers a transparent and secure refund policy. Should TON not be launched, all tokens will be redeemed, and the funds will be returned. Exchange and return are ensured by the smart contract and explicitly provided for in the User Agreement. The number of XGE tokens is limited, so potential customers may want to check the project website right now.

An XGE token (Exchangeable Gram Equivalent) is a token that certifies its owner’s right to exchange XGE for GRAM (second round Pre-ICO) at a 1: 1 ratio.

The GRAM cryptocurrency is the basis of the future Telegram Open Network (TON) that will be used both internally and externally. According to the Telegram roadmap, more than 200 million Telegram users will receive TON wallets and access to the GRAM cryptocurrency in Q4 2018 — Q1 2019.

You can buy XGE tokens now and exchange them for GRAMs immediately after their release. The number of XGE tokens is limited to our ability to supply GRAMs.