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Legendary Blockchain to improve Business. FrYA ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 10/04/18 – 20/05/18
Ended ICO : 20/06/18 – 20/07/18

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web site FrYA
web site FrYA
web site FrYA
web site FrYA

About FrYA ICO (token sale)

FRYA ICO – blockchain is a powerful platform in Business category.

FRYA Blockchain is based on a distributed server technology and will integrate the following components which are described in detail in the following chapters.

  • Marketplace including Application Store
  • Authentication Engine
  • FrYA SDK
  • Test and Publishing Engine
  • Application Library
  • Logic Engine
  • Event Handler
  • Data Store and Analytics Engine
  • User Data Store
  • Blockchain

This architecture is being designed to ensure compliance with established international standards, guidelines, and legislation regarding data protection, privacy and security. It is the responsibility of the developer to implement their solution so that data is encrypted before it is sent to the FRYA Blockchain.

Only the customer will have access to their own private key, as well as know the public key of their customers / vendors. Therefore, all encryption has to be handled by the client application. As part of the API, FRYA Blockchain will provide the methods allowing a developer to encrypt and decrypt the data package, in such a way that the same implementation can be used without having to code encryption / decryption methods each time an application is written. The FRYA Blockchain is not designed for high throughput or low latency and it does not scale. Therefore, FRYA provides a decentralized data backbone, which provides a Data Store for the information which cannot be passed through the FRYA Blockchain

The token sale will happen in 3 major Rounds, Round 1 and 2 of Pre-Sale and Core Phase Token Sale. We name it FTS.


Round 1 will be 5 Levels, 5% of total tokens. An increase of 10% for the price of each level compared to previous Level. each level last for 48 Hours or if it reached 1 Million token sale goal.

Round 2 will be 10 Levels, 10 percent of total tokens, same 48 Hours or 1 million token sale for each level. And total of 10% of total tokens.


Main Core of Token Sale

The main Core if token sale, will happen in 10 levels, 72 Hours of each level, 5.5 million token for each level. The sale period will be 1 month, so 55 Million of tokens will be generated. Tokens will be allocated in the following way:

  • 70%: FTS
  • 30%: Development, Operations, Marketing, Team, Mining.

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