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Active ICO : 17/04/18 – 25/07/18

Investing in Sense is investing in your future

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Sense ICO is an ERC20 Ethereum token, the fastest & safest token standard based on the Ethereum network.

The Sense token is compatible with any Ethereum wallet, and it can be transferred at any time, and it can also be utilized while handling smart contract on a decentralized application (DAPP). For any ERC-20 supported exchange, Sense can be added without any hassle. Due to these features that make of the Sense token a cryptocurrency easy to transfer and process, there is a high probability that various online communities would adopt it. This would make Sense a valuable coin, and most important, usable, which is far from what several virtual currencies possess.

Sense tokens are used to sell any database between two users.

Database owner offer database with amount of some records and buyer has interest buy those records, which he does not have. Records from database are purchased by a Sense tokens

How does it work?

Database owner will upload database to our system. Database will partition to particular records and hashed. If buyer of database own his database with records, upload it and hash will compared with the counterparty. The records, what buyer does not have yet, can purchase. When the transaction start, seller set maximum and minimum amount of records and other parameters.