ELAD ICO – Equity Ledger Assets Decentralized

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A Peer to Peer real estate network supported by A.I, for your token to real estate. ELAD ICO rating – not rated.


PRE ICO Dates : 23/04/18 – 28/05/18
Ended ICO : 11/06/18 – 13/08/18

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web site ELAD
web site ELAD
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About ELAD ICO (token sale)

ELAD ICO (Equity Ledger Assets Decentralized) ICO is a decentralized blockchain that will transform investment strategies and the real estate market as we know it.

Using blockchain technology, smart contracts and innovation, the equity ladder of ELAD will create a crypto and real estate portfolio to combine the liquidity of the world’s biggest asset class with the velocity of the newest.

How the online platform works

ELAD tokens can be used to participate in the exchange of real estate, or capital and returns earned on property.

Simply apply your ELAD tokens to your real estate of choice and receive profits from one of the top Cryptocurrencies. The platform will offer a wide range of opportunities, which will include investments for fractional ownership, crowd funding, p2p sales and lettings, buy to sell projects, new builds, real estate advertising, and token-controlled rents for multi lets.

The platform plans to offer global exposure to sellers and landlords of real estate as well as vetted developers and companies that will be able to submit plans for future ventures to secure crowdfunding. By advertising for sales (local agents), lettings short (like Air BnB) and long (like Zoopla) creates access to pre-market opportunities and a rental client stream, simultaneously creating a demand for ELAD tokens, this will increase profitability and investment opportunities, cut costs and close the inefficient time wasting.

ELAD will pave the way for the real estate industry to adopt the cryptocurrency class, as well as enable individuals to self-generate wealth in previously inaccessible markets and take control of their assets.

ELAD Tokens

The ELAD token complies with the ERC20 standard and will be deployed on the Ethereum network, it can be used as storage of value or a medium of exchange like bitcoin and many other alt coins.

  • ELAD tokens can be bought with both fiat or cryptocurrencies and can be traded and stored through exchanges like other altcoins.
  • ELAD tokens will be converted to EQ coins on the ELAD platform for investors to participate in fractional ownership and crowdfunding of real estate. (please see full paper for more details).

ELAD tokens will be inherently backed by tangible assets, establishing ELAD as a secure cryptocurrency for a storage of value and a medium of exchange.

We believe the relationship between market appreciation and compound interest will allow ELAD tokens to gain intrinsic value and give support to the new asset class by decentralizing the real estate marketplace.