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The Alternative Exchange. Coinstocks ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/03/18 – 14/06/18

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web site Coinstocks
web site Coinstocks
web site Coinstocks
web site Coinstocks

About Coinstocks ICO (token sale)

About Coinstocks

Mobile Friendly
The market is like you, It never stops! Why would you need to wait to reach a computer to make a buy? Coinstocks is compatible with iOS, Android, and other devices.

Ever felt a bit scared to send your funds to exchanges in Korea, China or Ukraine?Coinstocks keeps all your funds in US banks and servers. We also comply with all federal and state regulations.

FIAT Gateway
We want to simplify the Crypto trading experience, and one of the significant aspects of that is buying-in and cashing-out. Coinstocks lets you buy and sell directly to USD.

Dynamic Pairing
Why would you need to exchange to BTC before exchanging again for what you are looking for? Well, you don’t! Coinstocks allows you to exchange any currencies dynamically without enforcing predetermined pairs.

Security is the most important thing about an exchange. Not only have we been involved in cyber-security for years Coinstocks has developed unique smart contract features to store the funds securely.

Are you still waiting to hear back from your KYC you submitted three months ago? We hate that. Coinstocks will provide world-class chat and email support to all its customers.