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Ended ICO : 25/01/18 – 31/05/18

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web site Xmoneta
web site Xmoneta
web site Xmoneta
web site Xmoneta

About Xmoneta ICO (token sale)

About Xmoneta

Our goal is to create the universal application that gives its users opportunity to do multiple things together with communication. We have another approach, using the Blockchain as the main technology and developing secure, centralization free and completely private messaging all in one application.

Xmoneta gives multiple benefits for its users. Such as:

  • Get cash back from buying goods online
  • Token holder yearly bonuses + 10 %
  • Debit cards supporting CRYPTO and FIAT
  • Buy tokens with up to 50% bonus before they are at exchanges
  • Exchange and transfer multiple currencies
  • Free XMN transaction
  • Buy and sell goods
  • Earn XMN with your activities
  • Earn XMN with your content
  • Crowd fund your projects
  • Create futures with your XMN
  • Our goal is to shape the future of the messaging industry and bring dreams into reality.