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Ended ICO : 15/03/18 – 19/05/18

Bravo Coin is a Breakthrough in Blockchain

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About Bravocoin

Bravo Coin™  is a breakthrough in Blockchain technology working to better manage commercial transactions within the Sports & Entertainment industry. It achieves this by providing users a safer and more cost effective method of exchanging fiat currencies for goods and services – globally.

Bravo Coin™ is an advanced Cryptocurrency dedicated to become Exchange traded and offered as a unit of alternative currency for use in the Sports & Entertainment industry. Bravo Coin, when utilized in commercial applications for the purchase of tickets, products, and services will have the Blockchain as a foundation for its enterprise system. It will invoke a new ecosystem that will include all event producers, sports personalities, entertainers, sports and entertainment management groups, and hospitality activities. All of these will incorporate Bravo Coin as a method of Blockchain purchasing over more traditional methods of conducting commercial transactions.