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Tuk Tuk Pass

Ended ICO : 05/03/18 – 30/06/18

Blockchain kiosk and global tourism platform

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About Tuk Tuk Pass

As of 2016, the global tourism industry is valued at $7.5 trillion, 10.2% of the world’s GDP. Based on the economic impact analysis by the World Travel & Tourism Council, the tourism sector equates to one-tenth of the jobs globally, employing over 292 million people.

In the age of connection and accelerated globalisation, there are fewer barriers to travel. Lowcost airlines gave consumers greater choice and flexibility to for weekend breaks in foreign destinations, while travel applications aid access to plan fun and interactive trips. While travel technology is soaring, very few travel experiences are seamless. With each new trip, customers have to continue downloading new applications for every airport and hotel, while searching for the local service apps like taxi, restaurant guide, tourist help, health clinic and consultation, and emergency tourist helpline.

With the ever-growing market, travelers face the paradox of choice upon having to download many trip-related applications to meet their diverse needs. This is time-consuming and ultimately travelers end up utilising those applications a few times, later deleting them upon departure. There are also concerns in the unstandardised quality of the services that may leave a bad impression on visitors. Tuk Tuk Pass is a total solution to solve the pain point of finding quality local tourism-related services—all in one platform.