Citicoin ICO

ICO Citicoin


Active ICO : 01/03/18 – 01/06/18

Cryptocurrency on the Citify Marketplace

About Citicoin

  • Citicoin is a cryptocurrency that will be used on the Citify marketplace.
  • It will allow shoppers and merchants save money on hefty % fees as with traditional fiat transfers as with Paypal.
  • Fast payments, secure, and decentralized payments from across the globe and without the need of a financial institution.
  • The token can be exchanged, traded, and used like any other cryptocurrency.
  • Users can transfer the currency to other users.
  • Citicoin can also be used as a reward token for frequent shoppers.
  • Shoppers and merchants can do what they wish with accumulated tokens, buy more products on the marketplace, exchange for other currencies, or cash out in fiat.