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Decentralized Ecosystem for Cryptocurrency. Crypterra ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 19/03/18 – 02/07/18

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web site Crypterra
web site Crypterra
web site Crypterra

About Crypterra ICO (token sale)

About Crypterra

Our life more and more flows from the real world into the virtual world.

Crypto currency broke from the dark world of darknet and directly began to influence the lives of ordinary people. As far as you can see a smart words are heard: Blockchain, Token, Bitcoin, ICO.

But the distinctive feature of most of these ICO’s is that despite their impact on the real world they do not go beyond the virtual world. The project that itself is based only on something that no one can touch or see.

And this causes certain fears of the new financial pyramid. Governments are trying to take all this under control by creating their own crypto-currencies, which are provided by some real resources. Simply put, they try to cram the balloon into a square box. Because they are trying to adapt the rapidly changing world to the old rules of the game.

It is for this very reason that the rulers of this world are trying to regulate the very process of mining and interfere with the economics around the crypto currency.

And what if we depart from the scheme in which the ICO looks like something that is not tangible and at the same time solve the issue of control by different states.

The project is about this.

We want to create a decentralized platform on a remote island. For everything new and incomprehensible to the traditional world.

Imagine an island. Somewhere in the Caribbean. Or in the Alaska area, or somewhere else. Where the rules of regulation do not apply. Where you will not be tormented by bills for electricity.

Where will be established mining farms, where you can assemble a group of initiative and creative people. Where it will be possible to try to change this world without fear that all sorts of bureaucrats will begin to climb into your activity. It sounds like an anarchic society. Or as a utopia. But in fact it is not. We do not create evil sects. We create an environment where you can do something in what you believe.

We believe that all this is quite realistic. And for this do not need a billion investments and a bunch of harsh men in strict suits, with a gloomy look from under the glasses.

This requires fire in the eyes, a decent team, a lot of ideas, the possibility of their implementation and some money.We have everything except the right amount of money. That’s why we created this project. We invite people to do something that will change the world. Not very, but still, this world will drop by drop into the new era with new systems, economy and law.

We are ready to create a digital utopia in the real world. After all, we will have a whole island. On which it will be possible not only to establish a mining of the farm. But also engaged in science, art, music or hang out by the pool watching your iron pieces getting electricity from alternative energy sources create a new economy.

We have knowledge how to do this. We have experience combined for a hundred years. Fire in the eyes for another two hundred. We need you. And this concerns not only your acquisition of our Tokens. We are open to your ideas.

Let’s create something in what you believe.