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Ended ICO : 05/03/18 – 18/07/18

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About FTW ICO (token sale)

About FTW

The future of the lottery is online

The lottery industry, which has over 5 billion players in the world, is currently undergoing a process of profound change. Internet and blockchain technology development have triggered a shift from traditional lotteries to digital distribution of lottery tickets, thus official lotteries around the world are quickly moving to an online.

Blockchain for the Lottery

Blockchain technology has quickly seized the online gambling market, becoming the most popular means of payment among gambling sites. Using features of blockchain technology, FTW is creating a global lottery that removes the limitations of a traditional lottery and brings full transparency, offering a new kind of trust and quality.

NEO blockchain and Smart contract

NEO aims to develop a ‘smart economy’ with a distributed network by utilizing blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automating the management of those assets using smart contracts. The FTW token will be an NEP-5 token, compatible with existing NEO–related infrastructure.