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Active ICO : 30/04/18 – 30/07/18

A Revolutionary Blockchain Payments App

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About CafeCoin

Technology stack with dynamic financial mechanics of a cryptographically sealed utility token, offered as CafeCoin, designed to potentially achieve mass market adoption through transactions in goods and services. CafeCoin addresses significant current market demand, is anonymity-agnostic, and is expected to initially be based on either Ethereum or the Stellar Consensus Protocol. It is anticipated that CafeCoin will appreciate steadily over time and provide an inflation hedge.

CafeCoin is developed by Columbia University Ph.D. scientists in financial accounting, engineering, and statistics. The conceptual benefits of CafeCoin are fast transaction times, low transaction fees,price stability, and simplicity of use for consumers and merchants via the intuitive user interface of  CafeCoin’s companion mobile application. The CafeCoin Foundation (“The Foundation”) anticipates the launch of CafeCoin with established, first-mover brick-and-mortar corporate partnerships, designed to spark a much broader commercial adoption worldwide. Initially to be used in the retail coffee sector, CafeCoin is a universal utility token that can be used as a payment instrument for any goods or services.