Thrintel Market ICO

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Thrintel Market

Ended ICO : 25/04/18 – 25/05/18

Evolution of Threat Intelligence Sharing

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About Thrintel Market

Decentralized Threat Intelligence Database
Fast, accessible, and effective, no matter where you are. Denial of Service proof. Advanced Persistent Threat Groups are known to DDOS OSINTs while attacking their targets so potential victims don’t get any updates until the operation is done.

Immutable Threat Intelligence Database
Nobody can alter the data once its pushed. Advanced Persistent Threat Groups are known to hack OSINTs and remove data reporting their tools, tactics, or assets. They won’t be able to do it against the THRINTEL MARKET™.

FAST Blockchain
Near Realtime Updates, which include new artifacts, and feedbacks on submitted artifcats.Zero fees to trade data on the platform. OPENSOURCE.

Anonymous Accounts
You are a bank getting attacked. You want to share data about the hackers attacking you so that everybody watches out for them, you fear bad PR. You share data anonymously on the THRINTEL MARKET™.

Verified Accounts
You are a Security Business, your researchers found zero day and accurate data on some hackers targeting a certain country, you publish them on the THRINTEL MARKET™ and now you rank really high in top providers of data specific to this country. If you have anti-virus or security solutions you start seeing better sales, since customers now see you ranking really high in their country or business sector. This make sure the customers see beyond security business ad campaigns and into their actual results and how they compare to each other when it comes to detecting new threat actors.

Firewalls & Anti-viruses are money/data creators
Once they are plugged in to the THRINTEL MARKET™, your devices are able to convert basic threat signatures to identifiers leading to threat actors, these are converted to artifacts (Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and URLs (Domain Names)), with meta data (time, country, business sector). When these contributions are found useful by other users on the market your devices make money, which they can be set to automatically spend on new signatures themselves.