Graz ICO

ICO Graz


Active ICO : 01/05/18 – 31/05/18

Blockchain betting platform

About Graz

Graz is a unique platform that makes it possible for people all around the globe to make wagers without worrying about getting their winnings. The platform offers users a set of various events in different domains including betting lines, politics, economics, science, film industry etc., within which users can make bets and win money. At the same time the coefficient is proposed by the one who initiates the bet, and that makes the platform more advantageous and interesting than placing bets in betting stores on predefined coefficients. Therefore, users can propose either their own wagers or choose appropriate wagers proposed by other users.

Graz will change usual conception of bets taking it to a new level. Many people dreamed of such a platform, and now thanks to blockchain and smart contract technologies it can be qualitatively implemented.