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Crowdshare Mining ICO. CrowdShareMining ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 25/04/18 – 31/05/18
Ended ICO : 10/06/18 – 01/09/18

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web site CrowdShareMining
web site CrowdShareMining
web site CrowdShareMining
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About CrowdShareMining ICO (token sale)

About CrowdShareMining

A new generation, eco-friendly crypto mining operation, allowing you to purchase profit shares from us. Crowdshare release CSM token based on a real business concept. We believe cryptocurrencies mining is profitable in long run. Crowdshare basically wants to create long term passive dividends for all token holders. Current crowdshare have 2 teams, a team of experts with years of mining experience that handle CSM tokens profit generate, another team of trading analyst from forex & cryptocurrencies which will be handling CSL tokens (future) profit generate. We will build a strong foundation in CS-mining system before we imply CSL tokens (lending). Your investment will keep on growing with our management and timeline plans. Csm tokens price are not publicly able to manipulate compare to other cryptocurrencies (pump & dump system). Csm token will eventually increase slow and steady over time.