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Decentralized Movie Distribution Ecosystem. MovieChain ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 30/05/18 – 30/06/18

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web site MovieChain
web site MovieChain
web site MovieChain
web site MovieChain

About MovieChain ICO (token sale)

About MovieChain

Xender is an instant file & app transferring platform connecting mobile devices across various systems. It is well received on a global scale for its speed, convenience and cost- saving qualities. Xender functions with the embedded wifi chip of each device and thus enables connections among multiple terminals. The speed of Xender can go as much as 50 times faster than Bluetooth and the distance it can reach (approximately 100 meters) is also much longer than traditional technologies in the field. From a micro-perspective, Xender functions the way it is displayed as below: two phones are connected with embedded wifi chip and Xender allows either device to send photos, music, movies and apps to another without consuming any data.

Xender, by nature a decentralized D2D (Device to device) distribution and transferring platform, requires each mobile device to function as a node, where each node plays the role of a central server but is meanwhile not a central server. Namely, each node disseminates and receives information simultaneously. In short, it is a platform which involves and serves all users. From a macro-perspective of global users, this is a standard cellular network model.

Xender has fully engaged in mobile industry for years, accumulating abundant resources, more than 600 million registered users and more than 110 million of monthly active users. Every single day, hundreds of millions of files including pictures, music, videos, movies and apps are being shared and transferred via Xender globally. Essentially, it is a distributed D2D platform to transfer values.

Based on its current distributed model, Xender introduced Blockchain technology and token economy to build this distributed business infrastructure of movie industry: MovieChain. It is a decentralized, traceable, digitized ecosystem as well as business platform of movie industry, providing services to the registration, discovery, downloading, transferring, purchasing, consumption and other transactions of any digital assets in the form of movie, music video, television series and etc. In the meanwhile, MovieChain will launch its own token generation event with the name of MovieCoin (MVC). The tokens issued will be used as incentive to vitalize the ecosystem and all its participants.