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Ended ICO : 11/07/19 – 31/07/19

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web site TeamMate
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About TeamMate ICO (token sale)

About TeamMate

We are witnessing an evolution in healthcare: the emergence of fitness-related data as a vital sign. This is a natural evolution, as fitness-related data is more closely correlated with true health and wellness than traditional health data. Combine these two types of data, and new utilities emerge that are key to effective, comprehensive care. All of this data is generated in the Global Digital Health Market, which is still in its early, formative stages and projected to double over the next five years. Already, 2017 was a landmark year for this market, as mobile health & fitness app downloads topped 3.7 billion, creating 118 billion USD in value. The Global Digital Health Market is creating lakes of untapped and underutilized data that can be used to save lives.

TeamMate will optimize this market category by creating an e-commerce ecosystem that plugs into the mobile health & fitness landscape of the future – while providing meaningful improvement in the quality of human life. This ecosystem is built on incentive and verification systems that utilize three powerful mechanisms to achieve transparency and athletic evolution: gamification via TeamMate Tokens, consensus algorithms via smart contracts, and human verification via social athletic activity. This gamified digital universe allows TeamMate to generate, collect, organize and share data in such a way as to maximize its utility to both the users who provide the data, and a health & fitness industry that depends on it to make informed business decisions. This is the TeamMate Blockchain Solution.