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Active ICO : 01/07/18 – 31/07/18

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About PetSource

PetSource allow pets’ owners to create or update their pets’ basic information using the PetSource web app or a mobile app.
 Information for breeders
PetSource can be used by breeders for recording pedigree and other important information about the genealogy of the pet.
Pet Emergency
PetSource can be used for providing critical health information about the pet in case of the need of emergency services.
Pet Science
PetSource data can be provided by owners to Universities and Institutes for research purposes.
Pet Passport
PetSource can provide the necessary data requested by countries for international travels with pets such as pet’s identity, pet’s ownership, contact details of pet’s owners, pet’s vaccinations etc.
Pet Healthcare
Veterinarians and other professionals will record their actions on PetSource, including what they are doing and how long they are doing it for. In the case that drugs are being prescribed or used in a procedure, a veterinarian can quickly check what drugs the pet is currently prescribed and identify any potential allergies or conflicts.
 Pet Lost&Found
PetSource can be used to retrieve owners emergency contact information when a Pet is found, in any country in the world.