Ended ICO : 15/06/18 – 15/07/18

The First International Communications App

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About NYNJACoin

NYNJA App is the world’s first communications app to combine the following unique features on a single, fully integrated platform: Cross-platform support on multiple mobile and desktop operating systems; Open-source platform attracting other developers to create apps within the NYNJA application; Offers a gateway to global e-commerce that is powered by our own cryptographic token, NYNJACoin; Operates its own token for settlement method for ondemand labor and virtual services; Users will own their own data; and These and other key features make this App a truly unique, first of its kind, cross platform application.

NYNJA App aims to harness the power of its user base like no other messaging app has managed to do before – and with an integrated platform that enables users to:

  • Communicate in any way they choose, from any device;
  • Organize their personal and professional lives;
  • Earn NYNJACoin through the transaction of goods and services with other users;
  • Use it for business purposes, increasing productivity among their workforce;
  • and Eliminate spam and other unwanted intrusions.