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Double Land

Active ICO : 15/05/18 – 31/05/18

MMO Economic Blockchain Game

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About Double Land

The Double Land is an imitation of the real economy in the game mode,where an in-game token is used as a currency. Token will be sold and bought for real money, which will create all aspects of economic incentives.

By playing Double Land, a participant will be able to fully learn the economic strategies for creating his/her own business, communicating with partners and competitors, employers and employees, as well as with government bodies, the role of which plays a Central Bank.

If a user has tokens, he/she can immediately start developing his/herbusiness by following different  game scenarios (or create own script). In case, a participant does not have the initial capital, he/she can earn the first starting capital by inviting as many other players as possible or by performing certain tasks that will help to proceed the game.