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Elastic Core Banking System. Fintechnics ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/06/18 – 16/09/18

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About Fintechnics ICO (token sale)

About Fintechnics

In recent years, our way of life has changed significantly due to the advance of digitization. Banks are not able to keep up with the pace of Fintech companies while technology companies like Alibaba, Amazon or Apple are invading the financial sector. Banks are limited by their technical options, mostly by using legacy core banking software from vendors unwilling to upgrade to modern software design. If they do not modernize their IT infrastructure, their customers are bound to switch to competitors with better user experience.

We are building the most advanced core banking software in the market. It is able to handle transactions in cryptocurrencies seamlessly. We have spent over a year to create proof of concepts and benchmark several different state-of-the-art software designs and technologies to achieve our very high goals. Every action we take has to be in alignment with our key principles: Performance and Reliability.

The result of our endeavour is the Elastic Core Banking System™. This software platform enables banks to dynamically scale up their overall system performance on demand, while offering a significant shorter time to market thanks to carefully designed and open interfaces.