Yizoot ICO

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PRE ICO Dates : 30/04/18 – 28/05/18
Ended ICO : 29/05/18 – 26/06/18

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About Yizoot

YIZOOT is the first tokenized video geoplatform, connecting people, brands,
creators and places. Anyone can buy a geo-channel which is essentially a video
channel linked to a discrete hexagonal area on YIZOOT World on the Ethereum

Geo-channels can be branded and completely controlled by their owners
and browsed by viewers via an innovative geographic YIZOOT World
interface. Video creators upload content to their own and/or targeted
third party geo-channels, subject to the latter’s rules.

Intelligent ad matching incorporating advertiser bidding, together with geo-channel owner control, will
changing the rules of the game of video advertising. All players in the value chain, from the geo-channel
owner to the video creator and viewer, share in the proceeds of advertising spend.