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Ended ICO : 01/04/18 – 01/07/18

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About Trustier ICO (token sale)

About Trustier

TRUSTIER is a digital, transparent, secure and independent platform through which people and organisations can give, receive and withdraw Trustcoins.

Trustcoins are the ‘currency of trust’ that underpin the TRUSTIER platform. Based on the number of Trustcoins you receive and/or maintain, a person or organisation will receive a corresponding Trust Tier.

A Trust Tier functions as a trust ‘rating’ and is assigned based on your interactions with others on the TRUSTIER platform.

Whether applying for a job, renting, hiring, buying, selling, donating, loving, trading or meeting, TRUSTIER and its growing community offers a revolutionary new platform to help you decide with the greatest possible confidence who to trust and who not to trust.