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Ended ICO : 01/05/18 – 30/05/18

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About NEST ICO (token sale)

About NEST

The traditional centralized real estate system has remained mostly unchanged in the past cou- ple of decades. NEST plans to disrupt the current ecosystem by streamlining processes, automate time consuming tasks, and significantly cut costs by implementing blockchain trchnology.

Currently, the residential real estate market is not as accessible as it should be to investors who are unable to afford the high upfront costs that are associated with purchasing rental properties.

A large percentage of investors are looking for ways to safely, securely, and efficiently invest their cryptocurrencies for tangible real estate assets in the US. The domestic real estate sector has yet to confront this reality despite signs of change in investors’ expecta- tions. There is an urgent need for a decentralized network that will transcend  regulatory boundaries and financial limitations.

As capital markets are becoming global markets, residential real estate markets are no exception, despite the difficulties posed for entry. This has created the opportunity for a new decentralized solution to capitalize on this potential.

Integrating cryptocurrency into this overly regulated and stagnant market, NEST allows direct access to highly desirable rental oppor- tunities in the US market and abroad, as well as the opportunity to participate in P2P mortgages as a way to add diversity & stability to their cryptocurrency portfolios.