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Ended ICO : 27/05/18 – 30/06/18

Potential to Change the World

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About Mine

To show the true value of a cryptocurrency, creating a mechanism by which anyone can easily make payments is necessary. If more of a cryptocurrency can be obtained and the value of the cryptocurrency rises when the currency is spent, the number of users will increase and create one large community. If the value of the currency itself semi-permanently rises, the frequency with which people spend the currency will proportionally increase. This loop is the underlying mechanism of creating an economic zone on the axis of a cryptocurrency.

The currency called mine materializes this mechanism, which we call the mine economic zone. We firmly believe that only mine and the mine economic zone can realize the vision of creating a world where cryptocurrencies are widely used, which we seek, and lead people to richer lives.

Its basic element is to construct a vast mining farm with funds raised through an initial coin offering (ICO) and daily distribute the cryptocurrency that can be obtained through mining according to the number of mines held. In addition, the value of the currency constantly rises because reinvestment in the mining farm is automatically repeated. This is a mechanism that keeps raising the value as the mine is spent, which is a big difference from other cryptocurrencies and is what we call the mine economic zone.