Ended ICO : 31/05/18 – 29/06/18

Evolution Of Payments

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About ITOB

The ITOB project originated aer a disappointment based on personal experience gained from using the soluons exisng in the crypto payment market in our days and determined desire to create a beer plaorm that will meet all today’s and tomorrow’s criteria. The formaon of the team and the transformaon the inial concept into a full presentaon has begun since the incepon of the idea. This idea is oriented for investors and partners who see the potenal of this project and just as we will be firmly convinced of its successful realizaon. We believe that only together and with joint efforts we will convince people that using crypto currency is not only convenient, but also affordable.

Now, when we are approaching the stage of the Inial Coin Offerings (ICO), we want with your support (crypto community) to implement the ITOB project. Moreover, we are confidently directed in the future to exceed the expectaons of the enre community.