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Ended ICO : 21/07/18 – 21/08/18

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web site Further Network
web site Further Network
web site Further Network
web site Further Network
web site Further Network
web site Further Network
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About Further Network ICO (token sale)

About Further Network

Further Network has started a Blockchain project which will provide a real-time solution for Settlement and Payment problems in Travel Industry. Further introduces new functionalities like Customizable & Transferable Airline Ticket, Hotel Reservations and also second hand market for all type of tickets.

– New Peer-to-Peer Airline and Travel Network which allows to settle & pay every provider in real time with Further’s digital currency.

– Further disrupts all centralised models like IATA, BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan),GDS (Global Distribution Systems),ACH (Automated Clearing House) or Banks with ‘innovative decentralized governance model’ for Airline & Travel industry which means liberalisation for the Industry.

– We also proud to introduce Smart Travel Record (STR) which is a Smart Token holding key data about your travel asset (airline ticket, hotel reservations…etc). Ticket and/or hotel reservation will be made through STR, which will have the ability to be exchanged, divided, combined and changed ownership while helping to accomplish the settlement and payment process.

– Further brings ‘the single settlement – payment account opportunity’ named as ‘Universal Decentralized Billing Settlement Payment Platform’ to Travel Agency Ecosystem to make possible to real-time and Peer2Peer settlement&payment with its own digital currency.
We build collaborative partner network while we still develop the platform. We are discussing with Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotel Wholesalers, Ground Service Providers, Aircraft Lease companies around the world.