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Blockchain for Trusted and Secured Data. TrustLogics ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 30/05/18 – 20/08/18
Ended ICO : 01/09/18 – 25/09/18

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web site TrustLogics
web site TrustLogics
web site TrustLogics
web site TrustLogics
web site TrustLogics
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About TrustLogics ICO (token sale)

About TrustLogics

We, at TrustLogics, aim to rectify the $428 billion global recruitment industry’s inefficiencies — fake experiences, faulty hiring, lack of background verification, Personal and Prfessional data loss — by harnessing the immutable and secure characteristics of blockchain technology.

We strongly believe that we can breathe fresh life into the hiring process for both Professionals and Independent Service Providers by utilizing Smart Contract technology and certified background validators.

We intend to establish a platform to:

1) Build Trusted Profiles

Jobseekers can get their personal and professional information verified by

·         3rd party certified & partnered validators and

·         Using Reputation Building System (RBS)

2) Reduce hiring cost with Peer to Peer hiring model

Recruiters can use power of Peers who can refer suitable candidates for job listings. As candidates are referred by peers, verified and trusted candidates are expected. We belive this process reduces the time taken for hiring suitable candidate and cost involved in hiring.

3) Help Independent Service Providers (ISPs)

ISPs, who are self employed contractors, who pays service websites to get contracts, can benefit from background checks and build shareable Digital portfolios containing ratings and reviews, which will eliminate middlemen/service websites. This will help in brining down the costs which are spent by Service Requestors and increase ISPs profit.

TrustLogics is aiming to develop a hybrid approach to its blockchain solution: a private blockchain to store and retrieve data; and a public blockchain to record transactions. This approach helps us in scaling the Blockchain solution to hundreds of millions of users. A REST API wrapper will be implemented on top of the private blockchain for read/write operations.

Hyperledger will serve as the private blockchain (to store data), and Ethereum will serve as the public blockchain (to record transactions). Hyperledger will be cloud-hosted on Amazon AWS with the necessary libraries and API end points.