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Ride Sharing Service And Social Transportation. Dylyver ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 16/05/18 – 31/08/18
Ended ICO : 01/10/18 – 31/12/18

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web site Dylyver
web site Dylyver
web site Dylyver
web site Dylyver
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About Dylyver ICO (token sale)

About Dylyver

Dylyver is a startup technology company based in Budapest, Hungary. We are passionate about two things:
1. Harnessing technology and the benefits of a two-sided market to improve the experience and efficiency of ridesharing and package delivery; and
2. Building a loyal and long-term user base by offering the opportunity for users to generate passive income through our ridesharing and delivery services.
The foundation of our business model is a fully automated two-sided market for drivers and riders on one hand; and package senders, couriers, and recipients on the other.

Dylyver Drive is our communal ridesharing application for iPhone and Android devices that connects riders and drivers. Users can request a ride with a press of a button on their mobile phone. A menu of ride service offerings matches customers’ style, budget, and requirements. A user can potentially become a driver in as little as three days with their mobile phone and vehicle by registering to become a Dylyver driver-partner and being approved by our vehicle and driver validation process.
Dylyver Drive benefits and competitive advantages include:
• Riders can track the exact position of their driver on the app’s map before and after the trip.
• Riders can split the amount of the trip among travel companions.
• Riders can book a car category that best matches their needs and budget from standard to SUVs, minivans or bus service.
• Riders can pre-set locations (such as a friend’s place) as the destination of their trip.
• Riders can add trusted drivers to their ride. These drivers will receive the ride request first.
• Riders can pay by credit card, cash or their cryptocurrency wallet.
• Riders can share their position with friends and family.
• Riders can schedule a ride for any time and day in the future.

Dylyver Cargo is an on-demand peer to peer package delivery platform. Our service captures the opportunity between those who want to send a parcel and a traveler going in the same direction. Senders download the Cargo app and easily send their packages at an affordable cost with full control of the delivery. Travelers/couriers deliver those packages and get paid for their efforts which can help recoup their overall travel costs. Package recipients can easily follow and track the delivery with our mobile application. The result is an efficient delivery ecosystem which fills a previously underdeveloped niche.
Dylyver Cargo benefits and competitive advantages include:
• Anyone on the Dylyver platform can be a sender, courier or recipient.
• Payment is triggered automatically when the courier successfully delivers an item to the recipient.
• Senders can split delivery costs with recipients.
• Senders can send oversized items and multiple packages.
• Sender and recipient can track their courier’s exact location on the map and communicate with the courier via the chat function.
• Senders can add their preferred couriers on the app.
• Couriers are liable for loss and damage to the parcel up to the insurance amount provided by the sender.