PRE ICO Dates : 01/05/18 – 25/05/18
Ended ICO : 01/06/18 – 30/06/18

First Hybrid Crypto Platform in Singapore

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About CGCX

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange – CGCX, offers a state of the art, highly sophisticated hybrid platform. Unlike most exchanges that offer only cryptocurrency trading, CGCX is uniquely positioning itself in the blockchain world by providing four modules under single platform to offer wide services to its customers. We are launching our own utility tokens called ‘CGCX Tokens’ issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a Smart Contract. We are offering to public a total quantity of 1 Billion CGCX tokens representing 50% of the total issuance volume of 2 Billion at the price of 1ETH = 8500CGCX tokens. The proceeds of the token sales are mainly used for enhancement of our hybrid platform with further modules in order to offer additional blockchain solutions. The funds would also be used for the planned expansion into other regions as detailed in our roadmap.