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Ended ICO : 17/09/18 – 19/11/18

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web site YouToken
web site YouToken
web site YouToken
web site YouToken
web site YouToken
web site YouToken
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About YouToken ICO (token sale)

About YouToken

What is YouToken?

YouToken is a unique platform that allows people to convert human intelligence into a financial asset (a token). YouToken helps entrepreneurs apply the power of ICO and raise funds for their ideas/projects.

Human intelligence has a value just like any other financial asset (currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.). On the YouToken platform, an investor can contribute money to entrepreneurs’ creative ideas in a fashion similar to the way he/she can invest in stocks on the stock market.

We take people’s creative ideas and commitments and convert them into tokens.

Key documents

The Whitepaper provides a complete picture of the YouToken project. From the basics like original motivation and token sale to the technical side of YouToken’s core technology.

The presentation provides an end-to-end examination displayed in a simple and convenient way.