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Active ICO : 04/05/18 – 30/05/18

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About Invictus

The Hyperion Fund provides investors with diversified exposure to a portfolio of expertly-vetted early stage investments in the blockchain economy through simple agreements for future token (SAFTs), pre-sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Through blockchain technology, independent investors now enjoy unprecedented global access to early stage investment opportunities. However, the associated burden to perform the necessary due diligence is overwhelming, and public analysis tools are non-existent. Furthermore, the largest pre-sale bonus structures remain out of reach for independent investors— venture funds and high net-worth individuals still enjoy preferred access to these investment opportunities. The Hyperion Fund functions as a syndicated venture capital fund to provide independent investors access to these bonuses. The fund will be managed by Invictus Capital who will perform rigorous due diligence on investments, establish relationships with founders and evaluate the value proposition of their projects on behalf of Hyperion participants. Analysis of projects will rely extensively on data analytics employing an array of proprietary machine learning tools. The Invictus Hyperion Fund (IHF) token is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token. The value of the IHF token is directly represented by the holdings and investments of the fund. Once the fund has reached a size of 30M USD, token holders will receive 50% of the returns realized quarterly in the form of dividends. A 12.5% performance fee, based on returns, is levied. The remaining 37.5% is reinvested. With zero annual management fees, fund managers’ incentives are strongly aligned with the interests of IHF token holders.