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Ended ICO : 01/09/18 – 30/09/18

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About Hala ICO (token sale)

About Hala

Hala is an AI platform that currently automates IT and business processes for corporates.

It strongly reduces labor costs and streamlines internal business processes by covering routine work, i.e., 35% of user requests.

Business users communicate with Hala by using natural language. Hala understands the context of the problem and solves it inside the most common enterprise software (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.). Hala learns fast and can handle new simple processes within three days. It can be trained quickly for other enterprise software and to optimize business processes.

Hala is working with the business that using SAP software – now our plan is to go beyond that and extend Hala`s knowledge for the automation to include all enterprise software such as ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM and give any size of business the opportunity to use Hala. Hala will transform the way business users work, how they solve problems and also helps businesses to be more efficient.

Hala’s decentralized knowledge-based platform on the blockchain transforms the knowledge and industry expertise of the entire professional community into digital assets that can be used and reused by any company/business/firm in the world.