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World’s First Car Sharing and Car Hire Platform. HireGo ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/05/18 – 01/07/18
Ended ICO : 01/07/18 – 14/08/18

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web site HireGo
web site HireGo
web site HireGo
web site HireGo
web site HireGo
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About HireGo ICO (token sale)

About HireGo

Traditional car ownership is declining as more people than ever are choosing to hire a car from private individuals or to car share. This trend is set to continue rising due to factors such as government regulation, demographic changes and cost.

In a rapidly-decentralising world there is a strong motivation to upset incumbent, centralised services and to create user-oriented alternatives.

By leveraging the blockchain to create a trustless, decentralised rental platform, HireGo aims to overcome the shortcomings of existing solutions such as;

  • High transaction fees; existing centralised platforms charge up to 35%
  • Centralised ownership and ‘pooling’ of data becomes target for data theft
  • Monopolisation of user data and reviews

Our goal is to speed up the transition to decentralised car hire and car sharing whilst enabling a seamless user experience.