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Content Monetization Reinvented. SleekPlay ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 14/05/18 – 29/07/18
Ended ICO : 14/08/18 – 14/09/18

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web site SleekPlay
web site SleekPlay
web site SleekPlay
web site SleekPlay
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About SleekPlay ICO (token sale)

About SleekPlay

Sleekplay is a new blockchain based content monetization solution that harnesses the computational power of devices to reward users and profit developers.

Sleekplay is a content monetization platform that reinvents the way digital content driven applications are consumed, distributed and monetized. This whitepaper discusses how we utilize the power of blockchain computing to disrupt the multi-billion dollar digital content distribution and monetization market.

In essence, Sleekplay is a new cryptocurrency and blockchain powered platform for longsession applications that incentives users with rewards for contributing device computing power and creates a new stream of income for application developers. Long-session applications such as streaming and gaming apps as well as other applications that engage users for hours at a time, are prime beneficiaries of the Sleekplay blockchain platform.