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Ended ICO : 28/04/18 – 30/09/18

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web site Skrumble Network
web site Skrumble Network
web site Skrumble Network
web site Skrumble Network
web site Skrumble Network
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About Skrumble Network ICO (token sale)

About Skrumble Network

Skrumble Network is a secure, communication-centric blockchain, decentralized communication application and a communication layer for developers to add into any application. With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network will enable open, global private communication and transactions that are truly community owned and operated.

Along with building a proprietary, secure blockchain, Skrumble will also build the first complete full spectrum decentralized communication application that will breakthrough traditional firewalls, enable reputation management while assuring user anonymity, guarantee content and data privacy delivered with features like messaging, calling, video, file sharing, and more. The Skrumble Network blockchain and application will also create opportunities for people to add decentralized communication elements into any ecosystem or platform.

For the good of humankind, a tool to speak freely with each other and freely trade value is necessary. Finally, people can connect globally on the most secure network possible. This will lead to an experience of Skrumble Network being the blockchain version of WeChat